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Enigma Powerboat
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Understanding how and why the hull operates is essential to the safe handling of a boat for ease and efficiency. The Enigma hull design and applications perfectly suit super RIB peak performance, speed and comfort.

Built to perfection, read below how years of expertise in powerboat design, craftmanship and racing provide the technological applications that create each outstanding Enigma.


MANUFACTURER: Enigma Powerboats Limited
HULL: Adam Younger Triple Ventilated Step
HULL BUILD: Premium composite construction
ENGINE OPTIONS: Outboard or inboard 2 x 300 - 3 x 450 hp
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High performance, high speed craft demand hull strength protection from continual wave impact, heat and water resistance, and minimal maintenance needs. We specifically hand apply the highest quality fibreglass and vinyl ester resin, with recycled plastic core to achieve both extreme strength and to substantially extend the hull longevity from hydrolysis. Weight differential is minimal. All Enigma Powerboats include lifetime Anti Rot Guarantees.

Three shaped tapered steps create breaks along the hull by drawing air downwards into each step, creating air bubbles which lifts the hull, reducing contact between hull/water surface (wetted area). This aids speed, fuel efficiency and stability.

Three tapered steps image 2

Spray rails run the length of Enigma’s hull, progressively moving outward to the stern. They separate and guide waterflow up the horizontal rail edge, assisting hydrodynamic lift and spray deflection away from the hull. This improves stability, fuel efficiency and reduces spray on deck.

Spray rail

Optimum outboard engine performance relys on the correct X Height positioning on the transom (see diagram). If too high the propellor loses water contact and if too low it creates a drag/slowing effect. Many newer outboard engines are designed and built to accommodate high performance larger propellers, often a challenge without direct lift fixings. Enigma is designed and built with a 600mm stand off box after the transom that creates that required lifted effect.

Extended transform

Smooth, comfortable, economical riding at speed (level planing), requires an even weight load from bow to stern. Powerboats tend to a heavier mid to stern area, thus (unless in flat calm conditions) as waves increase, the craft will bounce up and down, which can cause handling difficulties, discomfort and fuel wastage. Twin tabs can level the hull by creating drag that lowers speed. We apply a ballast tank system that draws sea water to the bow, even weight distribution for level planing without drag speed slowing effect. And once back to calm water the water is easily dispersed.

Ballast tank diagram

Air vents positioned in Enigmas console work by forcing air down channels, and out under the hull adding further hull lift, complimenting spray rail and the air drawn in by the and tapered steps hydrodynamic applications.

Air vent diagram

Tubes size and position vary depending on a RIBs end purpose. When extended out to increase the beam, the effects of waves slamming upwards under the tubes causes vibrations felt by boat and those onboard. Enigma’s tubes are positioned inward allowing for smoother water flow and minimal vibrational effect, which also assists with Enigmas efficiency, passenger comfort and performance.


Smart technology has considerably advanced within Marine leisure sector offering bespoke applications to ensure even further every aspect of leisure boating experience.

As standard Enigma owners enjoy the latest dual Garmin 16’ flush mounted glass touch screen 8416 GPS maps that not only provide wider viewing angles, superior clarity / connectivity with sunlight readability, their multi screen viewing supports NMEA2000 external drive connectivity and Onehelm.

We also provide Navionic maps for your local boating area, alongside screen access to owners manual, Garmin operational support and other helpful touchscreen additions.

Our console hosts two smart phone charging holders, and latest VHF options.